EYE-a makeup base

hey guys,what i am going to say now is about eyemakeup…

Eyes are something which gives amazing and attracting look to your face.People are attracted more by their eyes rather than their branded attire or figure,according to me.And when makeup comes then it enhances more,its a fact.yes!makeup enhances your beauty.Your eyes are going to play a dramatic role in this.If you are moving for a nice makeup artist do tell her/him that eyes are most important for makeup….


something new…..

makeup is something that glows one’s inner skin.really,it makes me more beautiful,more glowy…today i tried something new and different.I thought as if I am at home todaY,and with no work at all so why don’t try somthing different …

so i took one talc powder,applied on face and neck,rubbed with cotton.this gives refreshing effect.Then took one lipstick of dark pink shade then using my fingertip i took some lipstick colour and softly applied on eyes as a eye shadow,then again using fingertip i took some more colour and gently applied on cheek ball and smudged and rubbed with fingers giving very soft look again.and then again using the same fingertip I applied on lips.And at last added kajol in waterline for the final touch.seriously it looked so simple and soft and natural too.do try this.

why make up is important?

hey hi guys,i am back again..yes so today we are going to talk about ..why makeup is important?

so listen,first of all there is no need of doing makeup everyday..yes its not neccesary but guys what do you think if we are surrounded by the world of fashion and we should’nt even apply a small line of kajol? No I personally think that we should apply atleast base makeup  so that people specially the branded people don’t think that we are cheap.This might sound you insane but yes its true..Though talent and knowledge is the most important for one’s life to succeed,but having the basic knowledge of fashion(makeup,dressing style) is also the must.

wake up…its make_up>>>

Hey guys…I am saba…A 22 year old girl who is fond of doing MAKE-UP…..

make-up is something which is very important in one’s life…Yeah! It is.. seriously guys not only girls are made to do makeover,boys even do the same….yes yes..  we girls know that how boys are interested too in all this….In this blog i am just giving you one short introduction of makeup and my keen interest in makeup..so as a makeup artist I would like to share with you some ideas about how and when and why to use makeup…